i make visual aids for a living.

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  • asp-photos asked : Superb. And you're Seattle, too? Fantastic!

    When I can be, always on the move.  :) Thanks for the kind words!

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  • braxtonklavins asked : Wardrobe, how do you pick it for your models? Love your work!

    A lot of wardrobe is provided by the models themselves with guidance from me unless I have very specific styling involved. That’s usually not the case except for specific concepts, usually I’m fine with clothes that fit well and don’t look too “department store-ish”.  We go through the pile before the shoot and I choose anywhere from 4-7 looks for the session. Then there’s always the nude setups, which require little to no clothing at all.

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  • inabrazilliangirlmind asked : Love this blog !

    Thank you! <3

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